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About VGA

Video Game Amateurs is an idea. An idea that the only requirement for being a gamer, is a love for gaming. As an NYC based gaming collective, we strive to create experiences for everyone to come out and meet other individuals that share their passion for a particular game, anime or pop culture icon. As the industry grows and e-sports carves its own space within the culture, we want to show that you don’t need to be the best to participate in the things that make gaming great today. You only need to love being a part of it. 

We have built communities around Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon Trading Card Game & Pokemon VGC, Apex Legends and the game that started it all for us, Dragon Ball Fighter Z. We work with our local partners here in NYC to host tournaments and casual gaming nights for our community to come together and meet new people that share a common interest. 

We do not discriminate against gamers because of race, ethnicity, color or creed, and we do not condone that behavior or any form of harassment at our events, on our Discord server or Twitch chat. Gaming is a space for everyone, and we will continue working to maintain that.

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